Completing a Course Evaluation as a Preceptor (Midwifery)

Log into T-Res

  1. Go to or type in your web search "".

  2. Use the login fields to enter your username and password.
  • This will be your regular birth/skills log account username with ".eval" added to the end.
  • If your usual username is "preceptor", log in with username "preceptor.eval"

    If you need help logging in, contact


Meet with an Assigned Trainee to Provide Your Review

The first part of the session will consist of a review of the Course Evaluation as entered by the Trainee from his/her account (on their laptop).  

  1. Students will send new pending evaluations that each appear with a green Evaluate Now button.

  2. Green fields are the student's values copied over from their activity and cannot be changed.

  3. Discuss with the student and fill out each numbered evaluation section.
  4. There are seven (7) evaluation sections to go over with the Trainee.

  5. The summary section is where you provide your overall grade for the Trainee, followed by your recorded approval sign-off. Leave Tutor Approval Sign-off for when you meet with the tutor at a later date.

  6. Click the Save button at the top or bottom of the page to save the evaluation.

  7. The evaluation will appear as Incomplete until Tutor Final Approval is given.

Concluding review with Trainee, Preceptor, and Tutor

  1. The Trainee will then meet with both you and their Tutor, where a concluding review is performed using your Preceptor account.

  2. Locate and open the Trainee's Incomplete evaluation, using the search filters if necessary.

    Refer to this tutorial for help with searching: View Activities: Customizing Columns & Filters

  3. Review all Evaluation settings and comments with the Trainee and tutor. Once the tutor has given approval, the Preceptor checks the Tutor Midterm Approval Sign-off or Tutor Final Approval Sign-off checkbox on behalf of the tutor.

  4. Click the Save button to formally complete the evaluation. This is the final step.

    Note: An evaluation will only be Complete once Tutor Final Approval Sign-off is checked and the evaluation is then saved.

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