T-Res Tips and Tricks


  • After setting month or year, click on a day to set the new date.
  • Just setting month or year and clicking Done leaves the date as it was.
  • After changing the month, click the Today button to return to the current date.
  • Today's date is highlighted in yellow.

Quickly Adding Activities

  1. Go to View Activities.
  2. Browse or use the search filters to find and Edit a similar activity you've done in the past.
  3. Click Save and Duplicate.
  4. Update the fields that differ.
  5. Repeat as-needed.

Activity Forms

  • If you fill out an activity and close the browser or go somewhere else without saving, the next time you create, your unsaved activity will be presented. This does not happen for System Administrators.

  • After setting fields, the activity type can be changed, and your selections will be carried over for the fields that exist on both forms.

  • Green fields are the values that are sent to the assigned instructor when using evaluations. Your instructor will use these fields to gauge and write your evaluation.

  • Brown fields represent your evaluation of the assigned instructor. If presented, use these fields to gauge your instructor's performance in your opinion.

  • Slider fields can be dragged along, or the number itself can be directly clicked.


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