Account Management for T-Res 2 Android


  1. Register Account
  2. Register Another Account
  3. View/Switch Accounts
  4. Remove Account

Register Account

  1. Download and install the T-Res 2 app from Google Play.
  2. Launch the app. The Login screen will display.
  3. Enter your credentials. Account Name is optional, but can be used to identify your account (e.g. Clerkship Preceptor vs. Gen Surg Residency).
  4. Complete the setup process for the first account. Tap Next when available to proceed to main account screen.
    Screenshot_1508868993.png   Screenshot_1508868997.png


Register Another Account

  1. On the main account screen, bring up menu (top-left). Select Manage/Add Accounts to add another.
  2. Tap Add account, select T-Res as the app you would like to add an account to.
  3. Enter your next account's credentials similar to step 3 above, and continue with account setup. Once again, enter an Account Name if necessary to distinguish between your multiple accounts (e.g. Undergrad vs. Residency, Old vs. New, etc.)

View / Switch Accounts

Once setup is complete, view all registered accounts from the menu. The active account is displayed, at the top of the menu, while other accounts have smaller icons displayed on the right. Tap an icon to switch, or tap the drop-down to view all registered accounts on the device.
Screenshot_1508870266.png        Screenshot_1508870272.png

Remove Account

  1. From the menu, tap Manage/Add Accounts
  2. Tap T-Res from the list of apps.
  3. Registered accounts are listed. Select the account you wish to remove.
  4. Tap the three-dots menu on the top-right and click Remove Account. Confirm removal.
    Screenshot_1508870686.png        Screenshot_1508870767.png
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