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Installing T-Res Android

  • Search the Play Store for "t-res"


Evaluating a trainee

  1. Use the login fields to enter your username and password

    If you haven't received the Welcome email for your program, contact support@t-res.net

  2. Tap on a Pending evaluation

  3. The top sections are the values copied over from the Trainees activity and cannot be changed

  4. The following sections are your ratings of specific performance

  5. It is important to provide the Direction for each associated rating

  6. The next sections are for general ratings and summaries of the procedure

  7. Private Notes can only be seen by yourself and are not visible to trainees or program directors

  8. Finish the evaluation by tapping Save at the top of the screen, or by pressing Back

  9. More options are found in the three-dot menu


View Evaluations

Use the menu buttons at the bottom of the activities list for app functions

 Search for specific activities or evaluations.

 Create a new blank activity.

 Refresh you list of activities and evaluations.

Lock access and log out.

Settings panel access.

Contact Help


Searching for specific activities or evaluations

  1. Tap the magnifying glass to open the Search panel

  2. From the Search panel, you can search by specific keywords and date ranges

  3. You can also filter your results based on Evaluation status

  4. Tap Okay to apply your search criteria

  5. The total number of search results are given in brackets

  6. To clear your search results, tap the Search icon, followed by Clear and Okay

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