Overview of Course Evaluations (Midwifery)

Course Evaluation Process

Each semester, trainees and their instructors review their achieved learning progress; Midterms and Finals. To do so, Trainee, Preceptors and Tutors have been assigned EVAL accounts.

The process has been designed and streamlined in 5 easy steps.

*Only one activity is created. **The role you assume does not grant you the same visibility across the process. ***The only person able to edit the birth numbers is the trainee, the birth numbers are the only view-by-all info in the system.


Step 1 :  Trainee initiate the process by creating an activity. This activity is a self-reflexive exercise. Birth numbers are entered.


Step 2: In a one-on-one meeting, Trainee shows the activity to his/her preceptor from trainee account point of view.


Step 3: On his/her account, the Preceptor fills Clinical Evaluation Summary section on the activity.


Step 4: Tutor reviews the activity from the perspective of the student and the preceptor login with the tutor account.


Step 5: All 3 get together and from the account of preceptor edit and validate the Course Evaluation.


STEP 1: Create a Course Evaluation

Trainee logs into T-Res

  1. Go to http://www.t-res.net or type in your web search "t-res.net".

  2. Use the login fields to enter your username and password.
  • This will be your activity-logging username with ".eval" added to the end.
  • If your usual username is "student", log in with username "student.eval"

    If you need help logging in, contact support@t-res.net.

Trainee Creates New MIDW Course Evaluation

  1. The Trainee logs in and goes to Activities > Enter New Activity.

  2. The Trainee opens Activity Type and chooses the applicable MIDW course and term.

  3. The green sections are copied to the assigned Preceptor for review.

  4. The Trainee fills out seven (7) self-evaluation sections.

  5. The Trainee fills out the self-evaluation summary section, including an overall grade.

  6. The Trainee enters their Birth Numbers for the term.

  7. Private Notes are private to the writer and cannot be seen by other users in the system. This gives trainees a chance to write notes that staff cannot see.

  8. The Save buttons at the top or bottom of the page commit the settings and sends a copy to the Preceptor in the form of an Evaluation Request.


STEP 2: Review the Course Evaluation

Trainee logs into T-Res

The Preceptor and Trainee meet for a one-on-one meeting. During this session, they review the Course Evaluation logged by the trainee on the trainee's account. (Bring your own laptop)

The activity can be edited or corrected at this time.


STEP 3: Comment and Rate the Course Evaluation

 Assigned Preceptor Completes Course Evaluation

  1. The Preceptor logs in his/her account and goes to Activities > View Activities.

  2. The Preceptor clicks the green Evaluate Now button corresponding to the Trainee being evaluated.

  3. Green fields are the values copied over from the students activity and cannot be changed. Comments from the Trainee in Section 1-7 are not visible. 

  4. The Preceptor fills out each numbered evaluation section.

  5. There are seven (7) evaluation sections the Preceptor provides feedback for.

  6. The Preceptor provides an Evaluation Summary, including an overall grade, and a sign-off of their Preceptor Approval.

  7. Saving the Preceptor-Approved evaluation will queue it in the Preceptor's list for later completion in a scheduled meeting with the student's tutor.

STEP 4: Tutor reviews Course Evaluation

Using the designated Tutor's account, the tutor accesses the Course Evaluation from either perspective of the Trainee or of the Preceptor.

The tutor will select from the list of all the activities of the department, the relevant one using the filters:

  • The Trainee Activities tab will display the self reflexive comments entered by the Trainee.
  • The Trainee Evaluation Tab will display the comments entered by the Preceptor.

The evaluation will appear as Incomplete until Tutor Final Approval is given in the tutor meeting.

STEP 5: Trainee-Preceptor-Tutor reviews Course Evaluation together and Complete the Evaluation

  1. A review between Trainee, Preceptor, and Tutor is performed using the Preceptor's account.

  2. The Preceptor logs in and goes to Activities > View Activities.


  3. The Preceptor locates the appropriate Incomplete Evaluation using the Filters and Columns.

    Refer to this tutorial for help with searching: View Activities: Customizing Columns & Filters

  4. Once the group has reviewed all Evaluation settings and comments and the tutor has given approval, the Preceptor checks the Tutor Midterm Approval Sign-off or Tutor Final Approval Sign-off checkbox on behalf of the tutor.

  5. Once approval is given, the Preceptor clicks the Save button at the top or bottom of the page. This is the last step.

    Note: An evaluation will only be Complete once Tutor Final Approval Sign-off is checked and the evaluation is then saved.

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