How do I sign up for a free demo?

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click here to sign up for a free T-Res demo. 

  2. Fill out all the information required (all the fields with the red asterisk). 


  3. You have the ability to pick between 2 programs: T-Res Demo & Midwifery Course Evaluations.


  4. Pick a role for yourself.


  5. You also have the ability to chose your language: English, French or Spanish.


  6. Once you click "Sign Up", you will be diverted to a page that provides you with more information on the T-Res application. Below the iOS and Android information, click on the continue button to proceed with your T-Res trial. 


  7. As soon as you complete the End User License Agreement, you are free to explore T-Res! 

    For more information on how to use T-Res, please click here.


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