T-Res 2 iOS for RSL (Apple iPads & iPhones)

The Resident Surgical Log is compatible with the T-Res 2 mobile apps, allowing access to your RSL data from tablets and mobile devices.


Setting up the T-Res app

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 or higher is required.

  1. Search the App Store for "t-res 2" and tap GET (if you have downloaded the app before, you will see a cloud icon instead). Open the T-Res app after it downloads.

  2. Use the login fields to enter your RSL username and password (same login you use on the RSL website).

If you don't have your login details, contact RSLsupport@t-res.net.

Creating a new activity

  1. Tap the plus icon (+) to create a new activity.

  2. Choose the form for the activity being logged.

  3. Required fields (*) will prevent saving if left blank. Not all fields may be required, so check with your director if you have any questions.

  4. Private Notes can only be seen by yourself and are not visible to anybody else.

  5. Finish the activity by tapping Save at the bottom of the screen, or by tapping Back.


Saving Time

If you are logging an activity similar to one you've already logged, it can save time to duplicate and just change the fields that differ.

  1. Open a similar activity and tap Duplicate.

  2. Update the settings that differ, and Save the new activity.


Searching Activities

  1. Scroll up and down the list to find activities. Search by tapping the magnifying glass.

  2. Type a keyword matching the activity you're looking for.

  3. Activities containing the word you searched are shown as results.

  4. Tap the Back Arrow to dismiss search results.

  5. Tap Show advanced filters to see date range options.

  6. You can specify a Start and End date to search within.

If have any issues using this software, contact RSLsupport@t-res.net.

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