T-Res Evaluations Demo (OPRS)


Logging in

  1. Go to http://www.t-res.net or type in your web search "t-res.net".

  2. Use the login fields to enter your username and password.

  • Mobile versions can be found in the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android)

  • If you haven't received the Welcome email for your program, contact support@t-res.net

Evaluations begin with an activity saved by the resident

  1. Login as resident and Create a New Activity.


  2. Choose your Procedure from the available Activity Types.

  3. Set the other fields needed to track the corresponding Procedure.

  4. Private Notes are private to yourself and cannot be seen by any other person in the system, including program staff and administration.

  5. When the activity is ready, use the Save buttons.

  • Save - Go to the View Activities page
  • Save and New - Go to a new blank activity 
  • Save and Duplicate - Go to a new activity with all settings copied over from this one


Staff is prompted to evaluate with feedback

  1. Login as staff and go to Activities > View Activities.

    On mobile, by default you are presented with a list of evaluations to tap.

  2. Click a green Evaluate Now button, or tap a Pending evaluation.

  3. The top sections are the values copied over from the resident activity and cannot be changed.

  4. The following two sections are your ratings of specific performance.

  5. It is important to provide the Direction for each associated rating.

  6. The next sections are for general ratings and summaries of this procedure.

  7. Private Notes can only be seen by yourself and are not visible to trainees or program directors.

  8. Finish the evaluation by clicking Save at the top or bottom of the page.


Reviewing a completed evaluation as resident

  1. Login as resident and go to Activities > View Activities

  2. Make sure you're on the Evaluations tab

  3. Only evaluations marked Complete can be viewed

  4. The Green sections are the resident-saved fields that the staff used to evaluate the activity.

  • On mobile, your evaluations appear in the same list as your activities.

Correcting or updating a completed evaluation

  1. The fields in both sections are not editable because doing so would invalidate the evaluation.

  2. Green fields can be changed by switching to the Original Activity, making the change, and saving.

  3. Deleting or making changes to a Complete evaluation prompts the assigned staff.

  4. Changed values are shown to the staff in red.

  • On mobile, evaluations can be changed by finding and editing the original activity.

Reports for Staff and Residents

  1. Residents and Staff have Reports that show T-Res data in a tailored document.

  2. View a Report by clicking the View Report button.

  3. Set a Date Range and click View Report to see the data.

  4. Click Subscribe to have a new report automatically and regularly sent to your email address.

  5. Saved Subscriptions can be edited from the Reports page.

  • Reports can only be used with a web browser, and are not available on the mobile apps.

Finding Help with T-Res

  1. If you need any help with T-Res, click Help/Settings/Three Dots on the menu.

  2. This will bring you to a page with tutorials and support contact information.

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