111-Anesthesia Experience Summary


111- Anesthesia Experience Summary Report will provide you with a summary of on-service and off-service anesthesia experiences.

CODA has made revisions to anesthesia requirements to contemplate patients younger than 13 as well as experiences outside of the operating room. In anticipation of evolving anesthesia requirements from CODA, the re-designed report:

  • contemplates anesthesia experiences by age and procedure location.
  • requires adult and pediatric anesthesia experiences to be totaled manually. Refer to CODA standards for current definitions.
  • defines how each category is totaled directly on the report, including which roles are contemplated.
  • can be run per individual resident, as a comprehensive summary, or both.

While specific categorical totals are not provided, this design allows Training Programs to report anesthesia requirements as they evolve over time. 

Note:  data entered in the dds4dds.com log through June 30, 2016 was NOT transferred to the RSL.  






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