111-Anesthesia Experience Summary


111- Anesthesia Experience Summary Report will provide you with a summary of on-service (entered on Procedure Log) and off-service anesthesia experiences.

Resident and RSL Administrators have access to this report which:

  • contemplates anesthesia experiences by age and procedure location.
  • reports deep sedation/general anesthesia, on-service cases outside of the OR separately from on-service cases in the OR.
  • requires adult and pediatric anesthesia experiences to be totaled manually. Refer to CODA standards for current definitions.
  • defines how each category is totaled directly on the report, including which roles are contemplated.

RSL Administrators can run the report per individual resident, as a comprehensive summary, or both (Combined)



Completing Question #27 on the CODA Annual Survey

The 111 Anesthesia Report can be used to help summarize data for question 27 on the CODA Annual Survey.

Please note that the following instructions are based on OMSNIC’s limited knowledge of CODA standards and are intended to offer guidance only on how the RSL reports are designed to work.  We recommend that you confirm with your Program Director and/or CODA on which cases should be reported, and how to best respond to the CODA Annual Survey.


On the Report 111 - Anesthesia Experience Summary, there are three rows as defined below:

  • Row #1: Ambulatory Deep Sedation/ General Anesthesia for OMS Procedures OUTSIDE of OR
  • Row #2: Deep Sedation/ General Anesthesia in OR as recorded on the Procedure Log (Note: while the report defined the Procedure as Moderate Sedation, this row totals Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia)
  • Row #3: Deep Sedation/ General Anesthesia as recorded on the Off Service Anesthesia Log

NOTE: CODA does not contemplate moderate sedation, but these experiences are included on the report for completeness.


For Column A on CODA Survey (shown below) Total adult patients in Row #1 on 111 Anesthesia report

For Column B on CODA Survey: Total the pediatric patients in Row #1 on 111 Anesthesia report

For Column C on CODA Survey: Total the adult patients in Rows 1,2,3 on 111 Anesthesia report

For Column D on CODA Survey: Total pediatric patients on Rows 1,2,3 on 111 Anesthesia report


CODA Standard (as of Winter 2020): "The cumulative anesthetic experience of each graduating resident must include administration of general anesthesia/deep sedation for a minimum of 300 cases. This experience must involve care for 50 patients younger than 13."

  • The cumulative totals in Columns C & D should be equal to or greater than 300.
  • The cumulative totals in Columns B and D should be at least 50.

CODA Standard (as of Winter 2020): "A minimum of 150 of the 300 cases must be ambulatory anesthetics for oral and maxillofacial surgery outside of the operating room."

  • The cumulative totals of columns A & B should be equal to or greater than 150.




If the numbers don’t seem as expected, there are common reasons case entries do not show properly on the 111 Anesthesia Experience Report. It is recommended that residents review their “view activities” log (which can be downloaded to excel) and audit the entries to ensure each of these items are accurate.

  • Duplicated or missing MRN’s
    • If a patient MRN is duplicated on the same date it will count as one experience
    • Cases without MRNs will not be counted
  • Inaccurate date of birth entered (many times residents enter the DOB as the procedure date)
  • “Role” must include “Primary + Anesthesiologist” or “First Assistant to Attending OMS + Anesthesiologist” or “Anesthesiologist only”.
  • Location listed as something other than OR. (if Clinic, the case will be tallied in the Ambulatory section totals)
  • Procedure(s) do not include Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia 


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