Manage Attending Physicians

If you have Program Director access to T-Res, you have the ability to add new Attending Physicians to your program. Occasionally, students in your program may ask you to do this. 

Attending Physicians can be viewed under Program > Attending Physicians. If the Attending Physician is not already listed there, you may proceed to add his/her name to the list.

To add a name to the list, click the Create Physician button. This will check for duplicates, but of course it can only check for exact duplicates, so it won't catch instances where the same attending physician is added, except with a middle initial the second time around. You can also access the same page by clicking on Program > Create Physician.

If you have a large group of physicians to add, you can work on the list using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc and then import the file. There is a template available for use.

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