Exporting ACS SSR Cases to Excel

If you need to export a partial, or perhaps entire history of all cases you have entered, you can choose the Export option under the Cases menu.

In the first section, enter the Procedure Date Range, select the Location, and your ICD and CPT code description options. Alternatively, check the "Include All Cases" option if you want to get all your cases from the beginning of time.

In the next section, select the fields you would like to see. All fields listed in the left column will be exported. You can drag and drop a field from one column to the other by using the blue "handles" on the right side of each field, or use the left/right arrows to transfer from one to column to the other. A search box is available above the right column to assist you in finding the field you need.

Alternatively, check the "Include All Fields in the Default Order" box if you do not need to customize the visibility and order of fields.

In the final section, select the appropriate file type and click the Download Export button. You will be prompted to save the file once it is available.

You have the option to save your Export settings. This is handy if the format you've specified is reusable - for example, to provide a monthly billing report for your staff. Click on the Save As button to save your settings and give it a name. When you go back to the Export page at a future date, click the Load button to recall your saved settings.

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