Enabling Evaluation Notification Emails (for Program Directors)

If your faculty or preceptors are taking part in activity-based evaluations of residents, fellows, or students, Program Directors have the ability to enable email notifications for the entire program.

How it works

When an activity is logged and assigned to a preceptor for example, an email notification is triggered and sent to that individual. The purpose of the notification is to let the evaluator know that an evaluation is waiting to be completed.

These reminders encourage more timely feedback and completion of the individual evaluation. Once the evaluation is completed, the learner who logged the activity will be able to see the completed version.

You will see in the steps below, we ask you to select a time zone. This is important, as it will ensure the email notifications will go out at the proper time!

Steps to opt-in to email notifications

1. Login to your Program Director account by going to: t-res.net.
2. Under the Program menu, go to Program Prefs.


3. Make sure to select your timezone by either typing in the name or using the drop-down menu to search.


4. By default, you are opted out of email notifications. To turn them on for the entire program, make sure you uncheck the Disable All Email Notification option.

Your settings are automatically saved whenever you make a change!

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