Using the SSR for ABS Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is a program established by the American Board of Surgery (ABS) to document a surgeon's ongoing commitment to professionalism, lifelong learning and practice improvement following initial certification. Every three years, surgeons report on how they are meeting MOC requirements by submitting information online through the ABS website.  A secure MOC (recertification) exam in the specialty is also required at 10-year intervals, which may be taken starting three years before the certificate’s expiration.

The SSR may be used in two ways for the ABS MOC Program — see below for details. For further information regarding ABS MOC requirements, please see the ABS website: MOC Requirements

MOC Part 4 - Evaluation of Performance in Practice

MOC Part 4 requires ongoing participation in a local, regional or national outcomes registry or quality assessment program. The goal of Part 4 is for diplomates to regularly assess their performance in practice by reviewing their outcomes, addressing identified areas for improvement, and evaluating the results.

Ongoing participation in the SSR with tracking of 30-day outcomes meets the MOC Part 4 requirement. When submitting information to the ABS about MOC Part 4, you will describe how you are meeting this requirement—no data is collected. See the ABS website's MOC Part 4 page for more details and resources.

The ABS audits a percentage of the submitted forms each year; if audited, you will be asked to provide verification of enrollment or participation in a Part 4 program. No data is collected.

MOC Part 3 – Secure MOC (Recertification) Exam

When applying for the 10-year MOC (recertification) exam, you can use the SSR to submit a 12-month operative case log as required by the ABS for the exam application. The ABS asks for a 12-month log covering primary procedures performed during either the past calendar year or recent 12-month period at the two institutions you use the most.

When you log into the exam application process on the ABS website, there will be a section for you to complete an operative experience report. In this section will be indicated your 13-digit authorization code that you will need to submit your data from the SSR. Only the number of cases performed in each category during the time period selected is transferred. The transfer occurs immediately. Once the transfer is completed, you will see your case numbers in the ABS operative experience log.

More about ABS MOC (recertification) exams can be found here: MOC Exams - Recertification

Submitting your 12-month Case Log

  1. Log in to the SSR.

  2. On the top menu, go to "Reports" and click "ABS Certification"

  3. Ensure the From Date is at least 12 months from today. The ABS is looking for either the past calendar year or a more recent 12-month period. Thus you should not submit anything earlier than January 1 of the preceding year.

  4. Enter your SSN, specialty and 13 digit ABS authorization code.
    (Your authorization code can be found by logging in here and going to "My Records/My Account")

  5. Click "Save Settings"

  6. Code Groups: This report automatically groups CPT codes into code groups. However, some CPT codes belong to more than one group. These cases will appear under the "Cases with more than one CPT code grouping" heading. You will have to select the most appropriate code group for each CPT code by clicking the dropdown menu to the right of each procedure and clicking the appropriate choice.

  7. Once you are satisfied all the cases with multiple code groups have been put into their most appropriate group, click "Save Assignments"

  8. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press "Preview" to ensure all the data being sent to ABS is correct

  9. Once you are satisfied all the data is valid and correct, click "Submit Procedures to the Board"

If there are no error messages, you have now submitted your 12-month case log to the ABS for your MOC (recertification) exam application.

If you see an error message that you are unable to resolve, or are having any other technical issues, contact support.

For questions specific to MOC rules and guidelines, contact the ABS.

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