Recording Off Service Anesthesia Cases

NOTE: To improve reporting accuracy, new drop down menus were added December 2016 to indicate whether the anesthesia was administered as part of an OMS procedure and/or in an ambulatory setting. If Off Service Anesthesia total counts are low and/or zero, inform your residents that they need to update their case entries using the new drop down menus. Residents can search for Off Service Anesthesia cases via "View Activities". 

Off-service anesthesia cases are recorded separately from other off-service surgical procedures. For information on how to record other off-service surgical procedures, read this article.

1. Once logged into the RSL, use the Activities drop down menu to select "Enter New Activity"

2. Select “Off Service Anesthesia Log” Activity Type

3. Enter the patient and procedure details as appropriate


4. Click Save 

This will direct you to View Activities to see a list of all activities entered. For information on how to manage the View Activities page and export your case log, view this article

Click Save and New to enter a new Case

Click Save and Duplicate if you need to enter a similar case. 

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