Recording Off-Service Procedures (Excluding Off-Service Anesthesia Cases)

Record all off-service procedures, excluding off-service anesthesia cases, using the Procedure Log.

To record off-service anesthesia cases, use the Off Service Anesthesia Log Activity Type. See the article on Recording Off-Service Anesthesia Cases for more information.

1. Once logged in to the RSL, use the Activities drop down menu to select Enter New Activity.

2. Select the “Procedure Log” Activity Type

3. Enter patient details as appropriate

4. Select the appropriate “Attending”.

  • If the attending is not available in the drop down box, you can contact your Program Director and request a new attending be added to the selection or use the “Other” option and write in the attending’s name.

5. Choose “Off Service Procedure” as the Role.

6. Complete all required, and additional fields as appropriate.

7. Click Save

This will direct you to View Activities to see a list of all activities entered. For information on how to manage the View Activities page and export your case log, view this article

Click Save and New to enter a new Case

Click Save and Duplicate if you need to enter a similar case. 


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