Selecting/Searching for Diagnosis and Procedure Codes

To search the complete list of diagnostic and procedure codes, enter the code number or key word(s) into the field.

  • Only the code number and/or description are searchable. If you cannot find a diagnosis or procedure code, try searching using the code number, not the key word description.
  • “Other” procedures cannot be counted in reports, and therefore will decrease the total number of procedures reported.  

View the complete list of CDT and CPT codes available in the RSL.

The search will identify full or partial key word matches. For example, if you search the Procedure list for “osteo”, highlighted results will include any reference to “osteocutaneous” or “osteomyelitis”.


Results matching your search criteria will be highlighted throughout the drop down list. Scroll to find the appropriate code. Click the code to select it. 

Note on mobile devices: Search results are displayed differently on mobile devices. Rather than highlight all codes that match your search criteria in the complete list, the list of codes will be replaced with any codes matching your search criteria. 


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