Add/Edit Resident Profiles

Program Directors/Coordinators have authority via the Administrator Account to create and manage the resident profiles that allow residents access to their Program's Resident Surgical Log (RSL). 

To begin, login using your Administrator credentials. Each Program is assigned a single Administrator Account. If you do not know your Administrator login credentials, email


View/Edit Resident Profile Information

1. Click Program on the menu

2. Click the Trainees tab

A list of residents registered for the RSL will display.



Add A Resident Profile

1. Click the Create Trainee tab

2. Enter the required information indicated by the red asterisk. DO NOT ASSIGN THE RESIDENT A SITE. Assigning sites will affect Reporting.

3. Enter the starting stage and the stage start date.


4. Be sure to send the Welcome Email so the resident can activate their account.


View/Edit Existing Resident Profiles

Click the pencil in the far right column to view/edit the resident's first name, last name, and email address. 

View/Edit Resident & Fellow Stages

Each resident is assigned a learning stage.  To view/edit this information, view this tutorial


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