Manage Sites

Program Directors/Coordinators have authority via the Administrator Account to maintain a list of sites specific to their Program. Sites included on this list will appear in the drop down menu in the RSL.

*to ensure the accuracy of your Reports, do not delete sites once they have been used by your Trainees. If cases have been logged at sites that are deleted at a later date, those cases will NOT show on Reports. 

To begin, login using your Administrator credentials. Each Program is assigned a single Administrator Account. If you do not know your Administrator login credentials, email


1. Click the Program Menu

2. Click the Sites tab


To add a site, hover over the "Program site list" and click the + sign that appears.

A dialogue box will appear. Enter the new site name and click OK


The new site name will appear in a new box. Ignore "Description, Is Other, and Ordinal".

3. Click Save

*Do not delete sites. Sites CAN be edited by clicking on the site name. Edit the site name in the box that appears to the right and then click Save:1.jpg

Note: You can also ignore the "Site Users" tab. If you assign users to sites, this will affect reporting.


Reorder the List

You can reorder the list of sites as they will appear in the drop down menu by dragging and dropping each site name to the appropriate position.

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