View/Download Case Entries

Program Administrators can view case entries submitted by residents and download all, or subsets of the case entries,  from the View Activities page.  

1. Click Activities on the menu

2. Click View Activities from the drop down selection



Using Filters to Sort Your Case Log

You can view and download the entire case log for the Program, or use the filters to sort the case entries using specific criteria.

You can filter the case log by any entry field on the activity form. To customize the filters displayed on the View Activities page:

1. Click Customize Filters

2. Select any field(s) to use as filters and click Done

Note: Check Submitter to allow you to filter the case log by resident.

Use the drop down selections to select the appropriate filter criteria. You can filter by one or many criteria, depending on the final data selection you want to see. 

Click "Find Activities" to apply your filter criteria.

Your results are displayed as rows in the Activities panel.



Customize Columns

You can choose which columns are displayed in the Activities panel to quickly reference specific cases. 

1. Click Customize Columns to choose the columns displayed


To add a column on the Activities panel, highlight the field in the Hidden Columns list, and use the arrow to move the column to the left, into the Visible Columns list.

You can drag and drop the column headings to modify their order. Columns at the top appear in the further left column on the view Activities panel.


Download Activities

You can download your Program's entire case log (select only a date range as the filter), or download a sub-set of the case log depending on the filters applied.

1. Click Download to Excel to download the results displayed in the Activities window.

Note: Column customization only applies to the view in the Activities panel.Regardless of what columns are displayed, when you download to Excel, all fields will appear on the export.

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