T-Res 101: T-Res tutorial for Trainees

T-Res is a web application that helps trainees, medical students, as well as fellows keep track of their clinical activities. T-Res app is also available for IOS and Android devices.

This guide will show you how to work with the T-Res web application. You can find the T-Res tutorials for iPhone App here and Android App here. If you want to use T-Res on an iPad please check this link here.


Each University program that uses T-Res has its own specified set up. So the fields that you see here would have different contents for other programs and these are just an example of how T-Res functions in general.


The T-Res Web Application

After your program director adds your name to the server you will receive a Welcome Email with a link to the log-in page, where you can activate your account.

ATTENTION: If you cannot find the Welcome Email in your email box, make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder as well. Sometimes the University servers might block the email, so make sure that the IT department of the school has white-listed the t-res.com domain.


Activate your account

  • In the Welcome Email click on the link to activate your account.



  • Choose a new password.
  • Click on Activate Account.



  • Type your name in the name field on the agreement page.
  • Check the box in the agreement page.
  • Click on Proceed.



The first thing you will see will be the “News” page.



However, you will be majorly working with the “Activity” section.

On the top you will see a “Create new Activity” button and a “View activities” button.



Create new activity: is for entering a particular encounter. E.g. a certain clinical procedure accomplished or viewed by the student.

View activities: allows you to see past activities that you had entered into the system.



  • Click on “Enter new activity

At the very top you will see “Activity Type” which will offer a selection of different activities available to your program. Based on the program that you chose you will get the relevant form.




  • Select the activity that you want.
  • Enter the required information in the fields.
  • The fields with a red asterisk * next to them are mandatory to be filled. And you will not be able to save your activity until you fill in those fields.


Private Note: There’s always a private note area at the bottom of every activity. This note is not visible to anyone but you. It is totally private and secure and you can use it to leave private personal notes.

  • After filling out all fields you can click on:


  • Save: which will save your activity.
  • Save and New: which will save your activity and create a new activity window for you, based on the activity type that you had selected before. So can start from a blank slate.
  • Save and Duplicate: which will save your activity and also make an exact copy of the activity that you were working on, with the same entries. It helps making quickly multiple similar activities.




On this section you will see a list of all activities that you have created so far. The list is in a chronological order. You can also customize the order the columns are placed by simply clicking and dragging them to where you want. If you click on the customize columns button, you can also choose the columns that you want to be shown or hidden. Once you are happy with your changes click on DONE button.


Customizing Filters in T-Res 




Customizing Columns




Edit an existing activity: In order to edit an existing activity you should click on Edit button. Then you can make changes on your past activity as well and save it.

If the activity that you are changing have already been evaluated by the preceptor, he/she will get a notification that this activity has been changed and will need to evaluate it again.


Find an activity:

If you want to find a specific activity you can use the filters to narrow down your search. The Filters section is also customizable.

Exporting an activity file:

You can also download a copy of the activities that you had entered as well, so that your data is not locked into the application. In order to this click on Download to CSV/Excel button.






When you click on reports tab, you will see a list of reports available to you in your account. Reports are different from program to program. They can be helpful and show you what you have done in the past.




  • Click on View Report.
  • Then fill in the search fields, and then click on View Report on the new page
  • A report will be generated for you according to your search criteria.




Exporting Report File:

After generating the report you can also export your report to a DF or Excel file by clicking on the save button.












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