FAQs for Residents New to the RSL

While 90% of OMS Residencies use the RSL, each Training Program is unique. Before you begin, please confirm best practices for your Training Program with your Program Director.


Watch this video before you start logging cases for an introduction to the RSL.

What is the difference between the mobile app and the website?

The mobile app is exclusively to log cases.  When you access the RSL through www.residentsurgicallog.com, you will have access to the RSL News Page - a great place to read about updates and see your colleagues recently published OMSNICase.  You can also access reports which can be helpful in daily rounds and to check your progress towards meeting anesthesia requirements. For more information on reports, click here.

For on-service, how do I record the anesthesia administered?
If you select a role that includes "Anesthesiologist", record the anesthesia administered via the
"Procedure" drop down. Two anesthesia options are available: "Moderate Sedation" and
"General/Deep Sedation". If you do not select an anesthesia option, no anesthesia record will
be reported for the case and your anesthesia experience report will be inaccurate. How to use
"Roles" Effectively.

Why is the patient MRN required?

RSL Reports contemplate unique patient MRNs; cases entered without a MRN will not be
included in reports. Accurate patient MRN will ensure efficient case review.

How do I determine pediatric vs. adult patients?

The date of birth is used to determine the patient's age for reports. Select accurate date of birth
to ensure accurate report totals for adult and pediatric cases. 

I cannot find the procedure code in the drop down list.What do I do?

With nearly 800 CPT and CDT codes available in the RSL, it is likely your procedure code is
available. Follow these search tips for best results:

  • Enter the specific CPT or CDT code to quickly find the appropriate code.
  • If you do not know the specific code, you can search the procedure code descriptions
    using a full or partial word search. For example, if you search for "mand", codes including
    "mandible" and "mandibular" will be displayed. However, a search for "mandible" would
    not yield any codes with "mandibular" in the description.
  • Avoid using the "Other" option. These procedures will not be contemplated in your
  • For reference, click here to download a complete list of available codes.

How do I add an attending or site?

Your RSL Administrator (usually your Program Director or Coordinator) can add additional
attendings and sites to the drop down menus. Contact them directly to update your available

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