View Activities: Customize Your Searches

T-Res allows you to view your logged data in many ways on the View Activities page.


Click Find Activities after specifying a valid date range to view all activities within that range.


Found activities are displayed as rows in the Activities panel.


Columns map to the fields found in the activities.


Customize Columns

Every field in your activities is displayed as a column that can be chosen by clicking Customize Columns.


The Visible Columns are the columns that appear on the View Activities page.


All fields found in the activities can be added as columns in the list of Activities from the available Hidden Columns.


Customize Filters

To change the search filters, click Customize Filters on the View Activities page.


The activities that appear in the Activities list can be filtered according to any field found within the activities. 


These filters operate separately from the columns, filtering based on data that may not be visible on the Activities list, depending on your column settings.

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